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Beta Alanine Supplement - 500 grams

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  • Helps build lean muscle
  • Assists with recovery after exercise
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Promotes brain health

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

I was using a well known brand previous to this (pre workout). But the expense of ordering every 2 weeks was just too much. 2 people using a 30 day supply.....it doesn't last long. Plus I researched the ingredients and the stuff added as nothing more than flavour enhancers or fillers with zero proof to back up any benefits.Being able to get pure Beta Alinine and so many other products from Bulk Supplements is awesome. Now I can make my own stacks and leave out on a particular day anything I may not need?(lift days vs hiit days etc). I can dose way more effectively and I know im getting only pure product......no fillers.This Beta Alinine has kept my workouts on the level Im used to and has improved endurance and energy throughout. I have also managed to keep progressing lifts wise and weights. I love Bulk Supplements, not just for the clean no mess product line, but for the serving sizes you get for half the cost of branded filler type equivalents.Il never go back to the brand I used before.....and I was Brand ambassador. Should tell you everything you need to know.Bulk Supplements are the best and give you total control (who else does over 300 products?)

It Works!!

I am older and a cancer survivor. Working out/ lifting weights is ver important to me. I use this product to help me in the gym as part of my preworkout drink. My workouts are very aggressive and as such very tiring. This supplement helps me power through my workout and achieve and maintain that “pump”. I don’t look too bad as an older guy. I plan on competing in my first power lifting competition in December. Thanks for your help.

Good value for bulk products

Got to love the tingle and added endurance beta alanine provides. For anyone looking to forego the pre-mixed, sugary, who-knows-what-filler pre-workouts, "raw" products are the way to go. Bulk Supplements is a good way to buy individual ingredients to make your own mix (for me it is BCAAs, beta alanine and creatine, rarely with a shot of caffeine). It is cheaper in the long run and you can customize. If you don't like so much tingle, cut your beta alanine. If you want a vasodialator, put some l-arginine in and skip the caffeine. Already got your needed BCAAs with your protein powder, don't pay extra for a pre or post workout mix with BCAAs just to get the other ingredients you are looking for. It has taken me a few years to really understand that I have a lot more control over the supplements I put in and that we are not beholden to pre-mixed junk. It only takes a little more time to dose your own mix. So, down from my soap box and on to the product at hand..This is a basic beta alanine. As I stated in my review of Bulk Supplement's "raw" BCAA's, I like the minimal packaging and the price per serving as compared to similar products I can purchase locally. The product mixes well and does what beta alanine is supposed to do. I've had no issues with this particular package closing, as others have, although my bag of creatine does not zip after a couple of openings. Again, not the worst thing. I just use a ziplock bag or you can dump it/roll it up and store it in a reusable plastic container. I don't think any of Bulk Supplement's products come with a scoop. Likely because the purpose of buying their products is so you can dose them yourself. They provide a tsp/tbs to mg/g table on the back of the bag for the 3 products I am currently using from them. Break out your kitchenware and measure up.

Has been great. They even followed up with my purchase

My profile is I don't lift but I do cycle. I am experimenting with supplements and wanted to isolate what matters to me... Lactic acid buildup and what combats that. Beta alanine is one of them.The experience with Bulk Supplements: Has been great. They even followed up with my purchase. The product is what I ordered. What I love is that they sell the bare bones supplement so that I can isolate what I want without having to worry about the other ingredients. I am free to create my own system of stuff that works with MY body and not what generally works with most biochemistry. More importantly, I don't have to worry about other substances.The product: The bag is ok with this product. The product dilutes easily if not instantly. Tastes like cottonmouth in water only. The only gripe I have is that beta alanine seems to burn off in a little over an hour. And it's a hard crash. I will have to experiment with dosage and the pre and post nutrition/hydration. I purchased the 500 gram flavor (smallest I saw) so that means @ 500mg dosage my friends and I have a couple of years to find that out.At this level you should know what you're getting and you get it.

Lack of suggested use information.

So I purchased the 500 G Pure Beta Alanine Powder from Bulk Supplements this time. I normally purchase Beta Alanine from NOW supplements but decided to give this a go since I've heard positive things about this company. I received exactly what I paid for, this Beta Alanine does what it's meant to do: Give you a little pre-workout jolt as well as reduce recovery time and lactic acid buildup during workouts for that extra rep on that incredibly hard set. The only negative about this particular product is that it doesn't come with much instruction on the bag as far as suggested use and in fact recommends a far smaller dosage than NOW supplements does. I think I'll still stick with taking 1/2 tea spoon 3-4 times daily.