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Beta Alanine Supplement - 240 Capsules

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  • INCREASE MUSCULAR ENDURANCE Beta-Alanine is a beta-amino acid that your body uses to increase carnosine concentration in muscles. This can result in an up to 20% increase in a work capacity.
  • INCREASE STRENGTH By buffering lactic acid and thus reducing muscle burn, Beta-Alanine can help maintain strength throughout an intense workout.
  • PRE WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT Beta-Alanine can be taken pre-workout to make for a more productive workout. Beta-Alanine is suitable for Men and Women.
  • HIGH GRADE - We use only the best, and this product is no exception. Our Beta-Alanine is non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian, third-party tested, certified kosher, and made in the USA.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED, FULL DISCLOSURE Our Beta-Alanine is tested by an independent third-party lab to ensure it is both pure and meets our strict quality standards. 

Customer Reviews

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Seems to aid endurance. I have won several rowing ...

Seems to aid endurance. I have won several rowing races since I started using this. Very mild skin flush is not a problem, no other apparent side effects.

Great product for the money

Greta product for the money

Awesome product! Just Beta Alanine :)

Exactly what I was looking for. I just needed some Beta Alanine to combine with my creatine. I recommend googling some research studies on taking creatine and Beta Alanine together. Often times you will find Beta Alanine in pre workout supplements but I do not like taking all the other additives that come with pre workouts. I stay away from supplements that don’t have peer reviewed research showing the efficacy of them. Beta Alanine is definitely one with a lot of positive research backing it.

As advertised

Easy to take with liquid, dint have to mix or worry about flavor.

Muscle Maker!

Since using, my body fat has dropped to 13% (-2% over 3 months) and I've gained hard muscle in all of the target areas I'm working out (upper body, core, and legs). I'm hoping to get to 10% body fat by summer!