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Organic Banana Powder - 1 lb

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  • PREMIUM BANANA POWDER - Our sweet and delicious bananas are grown and dehydrated in the tropical regions of Ecuador and packaged with care in our facility in Florida, USA. We use raw ripe bananas and low temperature drying to maintain the best flavor.
  • 100% PURE - Only 1 ingredient, raw ripe banana. No added fillers, flavorings, or preservatives.
  • EMERGENCY FOOD STORAGE - Store it in a cool, dry place. It's 100% pure with no added ingredients so it may clump when stored for a long time. Just lightly break the clumps up before mixing them into your favorite recipes.
  • SWEET & DELICIOUS - Our dried powder tastes just like fresh bananas. It's dehydrated and minimally processed to preserve the wonderfully sweet and absolutely delicious flavor. Best of all, the organic banana powder is good for you too!
  • RAW, ORGANIC, NON-GMO, GLUTEN FREE, KOSHER - All of these factors combine to make our banana powder one of the best superfoods you can get to nourish your family.


Customer Reviews

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Good product

Good product...good price

Great product for smoothies!!

We use Organic Banana Powder in our morning smoothies almost daily. Very convenient, mixes easily in our Ninja Blender and adds a wonderful flavor.

Tastes great

The batch we got is sweet and adds concentrated flavor to the smoothie. I make this for my son with vanilla ice cream, milk, honey, and a teaspoon of pea protein. Concentrated banana flavor - remember that these are dehydrated or freeze dried - whatever - a lot of banana flavor.

Whole House Smells Like Banana - See Updates

I needed some type of Organic Banana Powder or Purée. Saw both products on and decided to give the Z Natural Foods brand a try and purchased the 1 Pound Bag. Received 10/20/2020. This is a Product of Ecuador!These are the three categories for rating:Flavor: Yep again. just like banana with no loss in sweetness!Thickness: It’s powder; how thick is that supposed to be?Sheerness: What? I’m confused on this one other than to say it looks like powdered banana!Now let me add my own categories:Taste: Yep again. just like banana with no loss in sweetness or funny aftertaste!Value: Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but this was the only powder that met my requirements! Pricey but I like it!With the 2nd Coronavirus Wave coming through, I’m going to have to get creative with dessert items to make at home and therefore needed some different flavors to add to Homemade Baked Desserts (Breads, Cakes, Cookies and Muffins). Made some Organic Cinnamon Banana Cookies. At first all I could smell was the Organic Nut Butter I used in them but then about 20 minutes in the kitchen started smelling like Organic Cinnamon Spiced Banana; they came out perfect. My baked goods don’t taste like the mass produced stuff in the stores but good enough!I bake with many Organic Flavors and Organic Non-Sugar Sweetners. This has truly come in handy. I would strongly recommend and purchase this item again!Update 11/04/2020:Made some Organic Ginger Banana Cookies today. Came out perfect as you can see!Update 11/25/2020:Made Organic Ginger Banana Balls. They are Organic Ginger Cookie Dough Balls rolled in Organic Banana Powder. Added to the dough 1.5 ounces of Organic Gluten Free Oats soaked in water for ate least 24 hours. After baking they have the consistency of Doughnut Holes!Update 12/09/2020:Brace yourself! I made some Organic Cinnamon Bone Broth Cookies rolled in Banana Powder! The powdered Bone Broth is Vanilla Flavor so no extract is necessary. Experimenting during a Pandemic can be fun!Update 12/26/2020:Same ingredients as 12/09/2020 update but added all the Organic Flavors into the cookie and made balls!

Real Bananas

I will definitely be buying this product regulaly. I wish the banana flavor was a bit stronger, but the fact that it's real banana and banana flavored is a huge deal breaker. I do add xantham gum, so I'm not sure about thickness without that.