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Brain Booster With Lion's Mane & More! - 60 Capsules

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  • Brain Support That Truly Works: Throughout your life, your brain works tirelessly to support everything your body does. With that, it requires tons of energy to keep going. That's why it's important to feed your brain the right nutrients to fuel its cells and help it function at its best. Our Brain Booster is rich in alpha-GPC, lion's mane, and 17 amazing natural brain-boosting ingredients that can help improve your cognitive function and help you live a balanced life!
  • Enhanced Memory and Focus: Have you noticed more brain fog as the years go by? Do you sometimes forget important dates, or even where you left your keys? Do you want to improve your memory and be mentally alert? Weve got you covered! The Alpha-GPC in our product can help reduce cognitive decline as it delivers choline to the brain. Choline is an essential nutrient that aids in brain development sharpens memory, and enhances focus. Take it daily to keep you going and performing at your best!
  • Exceptional Ingredients, Exceptional Results: For thousands of years, lion's mane has been known to help boost mood, reduce symptoms of anxiety, and support immunity among other benefits because of its rich anti-inflammatory properties. That's why weve added this super shroom to our brain booster, so you can rock your day with a smile! We took it a step further by including the finest ingredients such as B vitamins, magnesium, DHA, DMAE, ashwagandha root, ginkgo leaf, L-theanine & more.

Customer Reviews

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You will feel the difference!

I am trying for the first time this product but I already can tell the difference between taking it or not. The day I take it, my brain is sharper and I can focus better in my tasks. My memory is also improving. I used to say, "I got vitamins to improve my memory but I forget to take them!" LOL! Well, it seems I am being able to remember to take them! Will buy it again!


I'd been searching for a Nootropic that actually works and I finally found it with Purely Optimal Brain Booster! I've been taking the Brain Booster as directed in the morning for almost 2 weeks now and I definitely notice an increase in my mood, energy, and motivation! It feels very natural with no jitters or crashes. I had been prescribed ADHD medication and was looking for something more natural without all the negative side effects. In my opinion, this has been the perfect alternative and I've been extremely satisfied with this product! I plan to continue purchasing and would recommend it to others.


Best value for the price, quality and potency of ingredients, and great customer service!

Love it!

I had a really hard time concentrating throughout the day. It really felt like was having some sort of brain fog, especially when I was reading or taking tests. I decided to look online for anything that can help with improving my cognitive function and found Brain Booster. I looked at the ingredients before ordering and noticed that this product contained a lot of Nootropics which suppose to help improve cognitive function (memory etc). This product also had a lot of good reviews and rightfully so! Because it really works! I noticed the difference after taking it only for about 2 days. For the lack of a better term, my mind felt sharper. I have been taking it for about 1,5 weeks and feel great. No more brain fog, my memory, concentration and overall mood have improved.

Energy and focus for what I need to do

Before purchasing this product I had trouble focusing on the task at hand. Conversations, Work, even reading. I would feel bored quickly. Not a problem at all anymore. I now have the energy and focus I need to perform well in all of these areas. I'm so glad I purchased this product. Also, I have not been reaching for my regular coffee or energy drink that has been a big part of my daily routine. Thank you purely optimal