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Organic Pre Workout Powder - Passionfruit Guava

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  • CLEAN ENERGY & PUMP WITH NO JITTERS OR CRASH: You don't have to worry about heart palpitations or itchy skin with Organic Muscle. You'll feel great during and after your workout!
  • 100% NATURAL VEGAN INGREDIENTS SOURCED FROM USDA ORGANIC, ECO-FRIENDLY FARMS: From the farm to your blender bottle, we pride ourselves on making the cleanest, healthiest, and most effective supplements on the market with only the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer!
  • DELICIOUS NATURAL PASSIONFRUIT GUAVA FLAVOR: New and improved flavor, Organically sweetened, low sugar.

Customer Reviews

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UPDATE: Lemon Berry & Strawberry Mango taste LEGIT. I’ll be sticking with those flavors instead of the passion guava. Also, if you live in a humid area, keeping them in the fridge or in air tight containers will help preserve them better. This is definitely my favorite pre-workout and I LOVE it.I love the ingredients in this pre-workout and how I feel, but it degrades way too quickly for something this expensive. Even with the cap on tight, the powder became solid so I’ve had to take a fork to break it up. Also, the passion fruit guava flavor tastes kind of artificial and is gritty, so I’ll be trying a different flavor next.

The best pre-workout i look forward to every morning and CANNOT imagine a workout without

I love this stuff. Why ? Because it’s the clean stuff to take without all those weird chemicals the other brands put out there. It’s healthy. It’s clean. And it won’t give you the over jitters. It’s good clean pre workout you can count on to keep you going through and through every workout. I love this brand because the products they put out are gold and not over powering. Just the perfect amount of caffeine and other healthy ingredients to keep you motivated and push through. The effect feels just right. Try it. It’s the stuff i look forward to in the mornings before my 7am workout. It wakes me up, pushes me, and makes me excited to stay working through the workout. I can’t imagine a workout without it.

Great Pre-Workout: Multiple Applications; No Jitters; No Tension / Migraine Headaches!

USAGE: I use this as a pre-workout for heavy lifting workouts, long work days, creative sessions, and even just to knock out a long list of chores and tasks! I mix with chilled carbonated water and/or healthy soda water for an additional unique taste. Also I squeeze lemon juice in to the drink and it also makes for added flavor.AFTER-EFFECTS: I easily suffer from tension / migraine headaches when using caffeine products. I do try to take this at a maximum of three days in a row to avoid that happening with this product (note: I consume only one serving per day, maximum three days in a row, and then take a day or two break). The other pre-workout products leave me with tension / migraine headaches the following day even just after one serving. This product also keeps me going strong after the buzz wears off and evenly returns me to a normal state unlike other products that have me crash hard.

I LOVE the LEMON-BERRY taste as it does not alter the ...

As a mom, grandma, friend, teacher, part-time Park Ranger and 'walk for fitness' over 50 year old woman, I have to say that I use Organic Muscle Pre-workout in my morning smoothie to help with energy, focus and stamina throughout the day. I LOVE the LEMON-BERRY taste as it does not alter the flavor negatively, but adds a nice tang to the smoothie. I have noticed a few things that I would like to share:1. I feel energized, but NOT in a shaky, buzz-filled way. The energy enhances my focus and ability to get all the things done in the course of a busy day.2. I do not feel any kind of slump mid-day, as one can get from energy drinks and the like. I still feel refreshed at the 5 o'clock hour!3. I mentioned the taste, and the LEMON-Berry is my all time favorite and I will stick with this because it is light and refreshing and does not overpower the natural taste of my smoothies.4. The price is very reasonable and the ingredients are organic - keeping me on track for a healthier lifestyle.5. The company backs their product --- I have had no reason to contact the company for any issues, but they state that they back their products and that is not something you get from many companies --- it helped me make my decision to try it and I am VERY glad I did!

Great Vegan Pre-workout

First off this pre-workout is delicious! I got the lemon berry, and was honestly skeptical about how it would taste (having tried other brands that did not taste very well). I was very pleasantly surprised. Secondly and more importantly I was worried about the performance (again having been burned by other brands claims before). This pre-work delivered and exceeded my expectations! No insane jitters, just good clean boost. I would recommend this product to anyone and will continue purchasing from this amazing company.