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Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement - 90 Count

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  • Enhanced absorption and bioavailability: Unlike most fish oil supplements on the market, this ultra-pure fish oil omega 3 is extracted using a proprietary method that concentrates the value of omega-3's for enhanced absorption and superior bioavailability
  • Sustainably caught from Iceland: The fish are never farm-raised; they are caught fresh from the pristine, cold waters of Iceland for exceptional purity and zero contamination, as evidenced by the rigorous testing of each and every batch
  • Supports a healthy heart: May help support and maintain healthy cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
I feel that I last longer at running and I feel great in general

I have never been taking fish oil before but I always been using supplemts for my health .My doctor advised it to me to improve heart health since I have been doing a lot of physical activity and taking a lot of caffeine .I can feel slight improvements after taking it for two months .I feel that I last longer at running and I feel great in general .I definitely recommend bio Schwartz fish oil and it really need time to see and feel the imorovemts but it works for me for sure

Great product! Highly recommended

I have been taking this in the morning and evening for the past three months, along with Schwartz Turmeric & Curcumin and Schwartz Probiotic. I have had wonderful results in terms of my overall energy level, improved mental alertness and memory as well as the resolution of a fungal infection in my big left toe! I cannot take many prescription meds without untenable side effects, so these supplements are truly life savers. Highly recommended!

It works! I love it!

I have purchased Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements for internal lubrication (joints, gut, intestines etc). Reaching my 40s has come with a lot of firsts like needing eyeglasses and just feeling dry everywhere including having brittle hair and dry skin. I can definitely tell the difference. One big one is that as I walk my toes don't crack? haha did not expect that another noticeable difference is my hair, they have a shine, feel stronger and what's great that you don't burp fish oil taking these which is always nice.If you are like me, 40+ and feel like your body doesn't behave as it used to....Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement might be your saving grace. Try it, it's easy on your stomach and I take it with every meal. Highly recommend it!

They did there job.. happy

I purchased because my shoulders were feeling sore... kinda like a squeaky hinge on the door. It wasn’t a muscle soreness, but I felt it in my bones. I’m terrible at taking pills on a schedule so I take all 3 at once. I never burp up fish. They are a good price and completely fixed my aches in my joints. Ordered twice so far.

It's all good yall.....

Just received it and very happy. Of course, it has to be first 'Budget-Friendly', then quality, then quantity. Pretty color, perfectly sized. Per directions take 3x's a day, 1 per meal. I cheated, I took my first 2 - no problem at all. First timer on this productf and I'm sure it will have great result. Look forward to a 2wk mark, then the next 2wk mark. So far, I am impressed. Thank you.