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Organic Superfoods Powder - Berry - 0.62 lbs

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  • Includes 1 (0.62 pounds) organic berry superfoods all in one super nutrition powder
  • 50 superfoods per scoop from original organic super sprouts, fruits, berries, veggies, greens, grasses, and food blends. 1 billion clinically proven probiotics, 6 grams of organic dietary fiber, high in antioxidants
  • USDA organic, vegan, nondairy, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, carrageenan-free, non-GMO, no added sugar or sweeteners, no artificial ingredients
  • Supplement your diet with superfoods, antioxidants, and probiotics to help support digestive and gut health. Superfoods in this powder include beets, ginger, turmeric, wheatgrass, barley grass, spinach, broccoli, kale, acai, millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, chia, and flax
  • Ideal for healthy, on-the-go nourishment for men, women, and kids. Whether you are a busy professional, mom, dad, athlete, or student, this is perfect as an antioxidant boost and an addition to your meal replacement shakes or pre and post-workout drinks. Mix into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie recipe and enjoy; Great for overnight oats

Customer Reviews

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so far so good

Second week of drinking this. Taste is good. I mix mine in the blender every morning with 1 cup non sweet almond milk and a frozen banana. SSSOO yummy. I drink it about 5am and it holds me till about 9am. Haven't noticed anything with my energy level yet but I am getting used to a new schedule at work so it may take awhile for that, I now get up at 4:30am instead of 9am. I like it cuz it holds off my hunger for awhile so I'm not eating at the crack of dawn. I have noticed I have more gas since drinking it. I will keep buying it for now.


First, people must understand that bottles do not come filled up all the way to the brim. You are not being cheated like how some reviews say. Anyways, the bottle itself has a nice design but what's inside is what lead me to this purchase. I use these mixed in with my green juice and man it tastes amazing! The berry gives an extra kick to my green juice in the mornings, but while not being too strong of a flavor at the same time. The ingredients in this product seem to be very clean. I have been going to the gym for a while, but only recently started to see results once I started using Orgain. I use the superfoods (this product) in the morning for my green juice, and the vegan protein powder for post workout. I really recommend this product to go along with a green juice or even just almond milk as it helps suppress your hunger till lunch time! After a while, you just start to naturally feel less hungry. I have started to lose weight within 2 months and I don't plan to stop! I am not a overweight person, but I had a bit of a tummy but it drastically changed while on orgain (and the combination of eating right and working out).SUMMARY: Very easy to drink. Tastes good in pretty much anything. Does not taste chalky at all. Highly recommended.PROS: Vegan, Clean Ingredients, Good Amount of Uses per Bottle, Tastes GoodCONS: NONE!

Highly recommend....

Very flavorful, mix it with my Orgain Organic protein powder daily... I'm can honestly say I feel great after having this supplement each day... I bought 3 more of these plus three more of the chocolate Orgain Organic protein... I love these products, hope they never go out of business it's taken me a long time to find a supplement that my stomach can tolerate, which also tastes good, has a reasonable price, and helps my body feel better from a nutritional perspective... Highly recommend.

Great for anyone with digestive issues!!!

I LOVE this drink, I just add with water in a shaker bottle, shake it up and drink. Taste is good, not chalky. Reminds me of chai tea. ONLY complaint, is that this drink makes me poop like crazy for a week after consuming, which is a good thing if you have digestive problems like me. It will certainly keep you regular!

Thumbs up !!

Product is good, and for me provides the necessary probiotics, and berry flavor is great. However, the shipping on my recent order was disappointing. Product container was damaged causing the product to spill out into the box. Container and another item were shipped in the same box. Overall, the product gets a thumbs up for me.