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Collagen Peptides Powder - Unflavored

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  • NATURAL PREMIUM COLLAGEN POWDER We use grass-fed collagen from bovine sources and highly bioavailable CuroWhite turmeric curcumin to deliver a formula that supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and inflammation relief!
  • SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT, CLEAN While some other collagen supplements or multi collagen powders contain all kinds of hidden ingredients or fillers, our Genius Collagen supplement is elegant and keeps no secrets! Collagen protein powder with curcumin is what we promise and exactly what we provide. No proprietary blends or artificial additives!
  • BEAUTY BEYOND THE SURFACE Many collagen supplements for women target support for the hair, nails, and skin alone. Our formula also provides an excellent source of antioxidants and inflammation support from curcumin! Treat yourself right with this collagen protein that supports your body's ability to feel as good as it looks!
  • FLEXIBLE AND EASY TO USE Our organic collagen powder dissolves into your favorite drinks and smoothies without the hassle or fuss any time of day. No need to refrigerate it like liquid collagen, and it can be transported just about anywhere. A good collagen powder for women (and men, too!) accommodates their schedules and needs!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great stuff!

From my experience so far this is a great all-around collagen.Number one, The taste. It's actually unflavored. This is huge for me because in my experience with other collagen products there's always this kind of weird aftertaste that you get if you mix it into something light. You have to drown it out typically and that's just not the case with genius.Secondly is the mixture. The powder mix is in really easy to anything that I put it into and it dissolves relatively quickly. I don't get that powdery grainy sensation on my tongue after I drink it and water, and I can also put it into any food product that's mixable and it blends right in.Lastly oh, of course, is the quality. I've only used it for a short time, but my wife has explained to me that I have a new looking complexion to me. Almost like a glow. The only thing that I've changed in my diet and supplement routine is this supplement so I would have to assume that it's having some sort of effect on my skin which is supposed to be one of its strong points.Overall, it seems like a great product and I would definitely recommend it.

Blends Great, Works GREATER

Okay, I literally don't think I can say enough good sh*t about this collagen. Imma preface by saying I have probably 6 other collages and I just keep coming back to this one!! It really does mix into anything with a simple spoon stir!! Now, if you litter it sit in water and don't blend or stir right away it can get gunky, but that is certainly not enough to lose a star! I have knee issues and shoulder issues and I've never been able to run and do all the pull ups I am with out this pain. Maybe it's placebo, idk, but I can tell you for SURE my hair is looking Thiccc and my nails feeling stronger so even if that's all you get from it, it's STILL WORTH IT AND 5 STARS! Ok, this stuff, it's it, it's that simple!

Tastes great and helps my joints and skin!

So was looking to add some Collagen powder to my daily mix and had success with other Genius products so decided to give this a shot. Always love that the Genius brand is transparent in their ingredients and will use scientifically backed components.This Collagen is great! Mixes really well, and has a pleasant but not overpowering taste. It also does a great job, I think my hair and skin is looking healthy. Also had a good benefit of helping my sleeping, i seem to have more restful and uninterrupted sleep when taking it.Works great, love it!

I'm such a big fan of Genius brand collagen!

Initially, I had been a bit skeptical about taking collagen supplements and it turns out they really do work! Am I getting older? Who ever wants to admit that to themselves? And yet sometimes it's a bit harder to get out of bed and I'm no longer that spring chicken as I once may have been back in college days.For me, Genius brand collagen mixes easily into juice and is probably the closest thing to a youth rejuvenation serum. My skin feels fresh and tight, even if I haven't applied lotion after showering. Hair is bright and bouncy. Joints feel great after a long run/ working out whereas I used to get a bit of a dull burn before. Life is beautiful!

Highest Quality Collagen Supplement I've used

TL;DR: Highly effective product with noticeable improvements in ligaments, hair, nails, and inflammation.I've been mixing a half scope of Genius Collagen in my casein protein shake right before bed for approximately three weeks thus far and have already noticed a difference by doing so. Almost immediately, I was pleasantly surprised after noticing a difference in post workout inflammation, which I attribute to the high grade turmeric. A welcome plus. On this third week in, my wrist pain is nearly gone and my finger nails are growing quicker.Unlike some collagen products, this one mixes BEAUTIFULLY and is ACTUALLY flavorless - a welcomed feature. I'm planning on getting more in the future to use more regularly with my current diet.