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Brain Booster Supplement - 41 Herbs & Vitamins

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  • Brain Boost Supplement
  • Made in the USA
  • Scientifically formulated; we carefully combined just the right amount of 41 ingredients into a premium formula designed to boost your focus, memory, concentration, and clarity; perfect for college students, busy moms, and aging seniors over 50
  • Focus, memory & clarity; Brain Plus is an all-natural nootropic, formulated to help support memory and cognition; the perfect blend of ingredients will increase oxygen and circulation in the brain, brain cells, and neurons; you will remember more easily and think better without brain fog or stress
  • Stress & mood support; designed to increase your mental performance, promote positive mood, increase natural energy and ramp up your full mental potential; feel your mind re-energize, combat stress, helping you stay alert and focused on your most important tasks; a great boost to brain function
  • Convenient once-daily dose; we included DMAE, Bacopa, L-Glutamine, Gaba, Grape Seed, Olive Leaf, Cinnamon, Phosphatidylserine, Multivitamins and more; no more clutter in your cabinets and countertops with several bottles; Brain Plus is all you need, once a day; we combined 41 herbs and multivitamins into one powerful daily dose

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Helped with Memory and Mood

I have almost finished my first bottle, and I have notice that my cognitive function is definitely better. I'm not struggling to remember words as much, and I seem sharper in general. More surprising, I've noticed my anxiety has gone down lately and I feel much more calm and relaxed. I didn't really put the two together until I happened to read that Brain Boost improves mood on the bottle. It's definitely helping. I'll be buying another bottle.

Brain Boost Really Worked For Me!!!

I was having trouble remembering things.I shopped on and found Brain Boost....I have been on it now for three weeks and I most certainly feel much more clear headed than I have for a very long time!!I plan on continuing to use this product as it has really made a difference in my life so far!Jim

The fog has lifted

I am about to start my second bottle and will soon be ordering my third. I would have to say that… Bright – Clear – Focused – A bit more alert ... comes to mind when describing the results of Brain Boost. I look forward to taking it each morning. Brain Boost gives me that bit of clarity of mind and allows me to get on with my day, without the fog I have apparently been living in. Thanks Brain Boost!

Do it. Buy them right now. Don't wait; do it.

I took this in preparation for two certification exams (Network+ and Security+). After hearing recent changes to both exams has drastically lowered the first-time passing rate, I admit I was shaking in my boots just a teency bit. I'm fully confident that these pills not only aided in my ability to study on my own accord (something I've ALWAYS had trouble with), but it has kept me alert and quick-witted in the classroom and just general day-to-day life. I am proud to say that out of a class of eight, I was the only one to pass both tests on the first attempt. You can chalk it up hard work and focus, and I completely agree. However, I know for a fact I would have had a much harder time keeping target had I not given these a shot, and I will continue to support this product as I have experienced nothing but positive results.

Brain Boost Works!

My husband has TBI and has trouble with his memory and with his brain feeling sluggish. I found Brain Boost and with the good reviews I read I thought Why not?He has been taking it for 2 months and he really sees and feels a difference in his memory and sluggishness. He isn't even taking the maximum dose. I will definitely be ordering more and trying it myself.Thanks Brain Boost!