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Soy Protein Powder - Vanilla - 15 Servings

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  • NATURADE TOTAL SOY VANILLA - Our tasty vanilla weight-loss shake is the first step to help in the weight loss process with fewer carbs per serving, more dietary fiber, and 47% less sugar
  • REPLACE A MEAL AND LOSE WEIGHT - With 0 trans fat, 13 grams of protein, 130 calories, and 24 vitamins and minerals, use this vanilla protein shake powder as a meal replacement for weight loss
  • PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS - Packed with 24 vitamins and minerals, this lactose-free, and gluten-free vanilla shake is made with non-GMO soy to help women and men lose weight. Recommended daily dose: one serving per day

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Will be buying it again

It is very good. A bit too sweet and I'm already mixing it with 10 oz of milk. Its not graining or very powdery tasting and as for the soy taste - i can't taste it.A good advice from another user was to add the liquid first then the powder - this will prevent the powder from caking up on the bottom.

Five Stars

Good stuff lost 60 so far with good meals

Great nutrition, great AIO supplement, and great taste

This is both my favorite weight loss shake and meal supplement. I try to make sure I drink one daily just as supplemental nutrition, too. It doesn't leave me as gassy as whey does, is both filling and satisfying, and truly provides complete nutrition that includes trace minerals. I like to blend it with almond or soy milk. The only issue is unless you use a shaker, it tends to be a bit lumpy no matter how much you stir it. On the brightside, it doesn't clump and cling to the cup and spoon like a lot of whey products do. Best of all is the price! It even costs less than Slim Quick, but is way better in every way it could be.

Dissolves well with Blender Bottle (shaker)

Vanilla flavor has a good taste to it and blends pretty well with almond milk in the blender bottle with ice. Even better in a personal blender. Gets thick like a milkshake. I'll probably buy again.

Worth the value

I have tried many shakes!! Many... isagenix... gnc... slim fast... ones at the gym... bla bla bla.. you get tired of all the shakeolgys the programs.. just give me something that doesn't break the bank that works!!Well... this works for me. Using the powder with just water does not work for thou.. it is too liquidy... when I drink a SHAKE I want and actually shake like consistency. (One thing I did like about isagenix.... thick shakes)So with this I do my own mixes.. trying to keep the sugars and calories down as much as I can. I do frozen fruit ones.. peanut butter ones.. I add a little yogurt...(however I found the yogurt I use has alot of sugar so going to switch) I will add ice cubes.. and I ever found a no sugar added ices cream.. 1/2 a cup has 5g... the yogurt has like 15g or more.. yikes!! Anyway... I thicken up my shake.. the taste is wonderful... it has vitamins and protein. 130 calories... I am happy it has all that stuff.. so my incentive purpose for the shake is.. the vitamins and a meal replacement to help with weight loss.This is totally worth it for the price.. I am already on my second container...